Secret biological experiments.
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Alt-horror character narratives.
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1-of-1 PFP Art
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Darkly true storytelling.
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Dene Waring, Shadowshifters Creative Director


Creating unique and exceptional crypto-art experiences.
NFT Mutant Presidents
NFT Mutant Presidents

Mutant Presidents

A dark vision of failed biological experiments to create the perfect world leader. In this alternate reality, geneticists ignore the concept that only humans can rule - what if the perfect president was a blend of whatever it takes?

I can't remain silent. These artworks are a scream against the machine of world politics.

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"Huntsman: The Orphanage" Character Narratives

The Huntsman storyline was first developed by Shadowshifters as an alt-horror game. Now these characters have been freed from their confines into the digital world at large.

Shadowshifter's social experiment in non-violent gaming and interactive storytelling, "Huntsman: The Orphanage"​, polarised the traditional gaming audience of 2013 - instead of weaponry and gore, only empathy and courage could win the day to save twelve children from an eternity within a trans-dimensional limbo. Despite its controversial approach, it was Greenlit by 66,600+ voters, let's-played by PewDiePie (2.2m+ YouTube views) and published by Steam.

Shadowshifters ran global auditions via Youtube to democratise the search for voice actors for the orphans in the story, but also engaged celebrity voice artists such as Chuck Huber, Jacqueline Ozorio and others for the adult roles.

The real power of the nineteen characters and their stories lies within their in-depth audio monologues, now bundled with FMV cameos used in the game, original scripts, character study portraits and a game access code - for the first time as NFTs.

Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois, USA. Here, one fateful night way back on June 17th, 1898, a dozen children disappeared... seemingly without a trace. Yet, traces do remain.

Read about the artist's take on violence in gaming in this article.

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Real People PFPs
Real People PFPs
Real People PFPs

Real People PFPs

The NFT marketplace is awash with sets of 10,000 digital PFPs, but this is a unique collection of real-world characters styled and photographed in my studio.

"I like that image!" - Design guru David Carson.

Available soon as NFTs
Heartbox Memoirs
Heartbox Memoirs
Heartbox Memoirs
Heartbox Memoirs

The Heartbox Memoirs

Dark stories narrated by the author.

An auto-biographical taste of the hurdy-gurdy madness of Shadowshifter's early days of carney and underworld life. True anecdotes of drunken chimpanzees on the rampage, crazed crucifixions, how my Mother came to shoot my Father in front of a thousand witnesses and walk free... and more besides.

"Live long enough on the fringes and eventually, life itself frays. Occurrences beyond the physics of normal experience become possible; not your satisfying fictions with their tidy or twisted endings, but a real life eked out in a surreal twilight world, peopled with characters you may never meet - you pray you never meet..."

Available soon on Opensea
Dene Waring


Grew up in the circus. Lives on a boat. Probably an artist.


My life was all about numbers, burning through a hundred hours a week, churning other people's dreams into dollars, turning a blind eye to my own dark visions. Now has come the time to drag them into the light.

New Zealander Dene Waring has over 40 years experience creating award-winning visual and experiential projects, including major theme park attractions (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Justice League and Green Lantern for Warner Brothers Movieworld, New Atlantis for Seaworld Gold Coast, etc), digital art, fashion beauty and advertising photography, television commercials for Coca Cola and Nestle, video games, motion graphics, AR apps, and technologically-challenging public VR experiences.

Clients run the gamut from Coca-Cola to Nepal's Export Board. He works internationally and is a founding partner of "Earthstory", an Australian visitor experience studio, “Imag’in”, a French motion graphics and television studio, and was consultant and creative director for French advertising agency "Agence Cyclone" in New Caledonia and Taylormade Media in New Zealand.

Dene also spent several years voyaging the South Pacific on a 90-year-old wooden yacht providing pro-bono design, interpretive and campaign consultation in New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia for environmental, educational and humanitarian projects with New York's Wildlife Conservation Society; U.K.'s Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society; New Caledonia's Secretariat of the Pacific Community; Tonga's Society for the Protection of Women and Children; NZ/Nigera's Books Without Borders; N.Z.'s Dept of Conservation; Royal Society of New Zealand; Save the Children; Adopt-a-Dolphin and many others.

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